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  • I've made up for the slaking now. Quiet nicely in fact. Didn't think I'd get back on track so quickly!
    Ah fair enough :P. Neither am I usually but seem to have taken to a few of them lately. The few comics I do like outside of Marvel will probably never get a high budget film made :(.
    I might renew in the future but money is really tight atm so im not huge on the idea, even if it is a small amount each month. When things get better I'm sure I will though.
    That's because it is suspicious :wacky: but it'll be ok... I'll behave... maybe... haha
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a TV series that is set in the same universe as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America, Iron Man, Avengers etc). Watched the first episode and quite enjoyed it. Well worth the watch if you have been following the MCU films. I haven't seen Orange is the New Black yet but I'll put it on the list of stuff to check out. I haven't bothered renewing my Netflix for a while now but I'm sure there will be torrents :wacky:.

    I never did go for that run... hahaha
    Sounds good. I've kinda had a bad few days too but like you this weekend has also helped with that. Though I can see myself getting into a sticky situation very soon :wacky:. No plans for tonight though. Got a couple of films to watch and could start on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as I've yet to start watching that, but it'll be on my lonesome.

    It's a bit grey today aswell but not too bad. I'm hoping it doesn't end up raining as I'd like to go for a run this evening. Was supposed to have one yesterday but impromptu weekend shenanigans put a hold on that :wacky:
    Actually it turned out not to be music-less. They still worked somewhat so I took them along anyway. After a little while they seem to work better than before they went in the wash :wacky:.
    Things are good. Been some really nice weather! How are you?
    I feel you should know that the Hungarian word for 'sprout' is 'Bimbo'. Happy coincidence or coded message?! :lew:
    Hey Sprout. I have an accidental double thread in the FF Forums General section one is just a thread the other is the thread with a poll. Could you delete the one that is empty and asking for deletion in the post.
    Hey can you please delete the thread called Sword of Village of the Sword in the multiplayable section? I accidently wrote the name of the game wrong and I can figure out how to delete that thread. I will appreciate it alot. Thanks!
    Heya! im good thanks! bit new to all this but its quite nice to be in a place where i can chat about ff games :) almost no one i know has ever played them lol. hows you ?

    I have to admit that even this looks amazing...
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