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  • Thanks Greeny! Man, so both of you said the opposite. Now I have to be the tie-breaker?! :gasp: Decisions, decisions...

    It's like, I want a good story to play (DR2), but I also want something that will keep me busy for awhile (Theatrhythm). They're both the same price, too, so I can't even factor that in. :sad3:

    I wanna buy something tomorrow! :rage: I'll let you know what I decide. :ahmed:
    Greeny! Since you're in the neighborhood apparently, I would like to ask for your opinion! xD I'm also asking Al.

    I just got a $25 gift certificate at Best Buy, so I'd like to buy a game - I'm stuck between Theatrhythm: Curtain Call and Danganronpa 2.

    What do you think?! :gasp:
    Hello Sprout,
    I hate to bother you but I was curious if the Leaderboards are still active. It's been a little over a month since there were any updates so I'm wondering if it's still a thing. (Make it happen :P)
    I love the Middle and Malcolm in the Middle :jess:

    Then go buy another month of FF14 :yay:
    hey just wondering how do you get rid of the blog things ? I'm getting embarrassed looking at old blog entries.
    Peter Griffin is... SPAWN! :eek: I'd totally lap that shit up haha
    Yeah I just torrent all the time atm :wacky:. Not the most reliable or economic in terms of time but gets the job done.
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