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  • Great question! xD I'd say look for another image online, but I doubt that anyone has made an avatar with the Sproutling since it wasn't really a main character or anything... xD;

    If you want an awesome avatar, I'd suggest asking the members on here that work with graphics && stuff like Aaron, Stevie, Six/Kira, Hayabusa, Uncle Ulty, etc. Maybe someone could crop it for you && play with the colors a bit to make it look cooler~ :3 It shouldn't take them too long either if it's only an avatar!
    Can I still call you Greeny? And sorry about the 'thanked post'. Accidentally clicked on it. -__-
    Oh, your debt is paid then, she's getting a paycheck soon. Don't worry about it and just save up your Gil. :)
    Hahaha, anytime, bud.

    You have inspired me to continue my videos as well. Thank you, Greeny. :ryan:
    Haha, okay, so I can't move the FF9 (it's in FF section, not Gaia) one but the Alundra Let's Play has move relocated. :lew:

    I will see if I can get someone to bump it over for you. ;)

    Check to see if I got them all. ;) PM me if/when you want an index sticky. I wasn't sure if this new sub-forum would go through, but as it is, the index threads will be kept open and simply stickied when needed. That way you can modify them.

    If I may request a future playthrough, I would love to see Papo & Yo.
    Jeff said it's probably best if he closes it. He has no problem with you sending him a message, or giving him a shout about opening it up in order to edit it. I'm pretty sure he could sticky the thread for you, as well. That way it doesn't get lost.
    Dear Greeny,

    Jeffery Ser Pockets, and I agree on the following - you are not cluttering up the place in Rocket Town. Your threads are completely fine and are contributing to the section, setting an example. Each thread contains it's own gameplay + commentary & feedback from the members and yourself. Making a new thread once the current gameplay is over, does not clutter - it makes history.

    Ser Pockets and I sincerely think that you should, however, make a main index thread, with the links to all the separate threads.

    Main thread title.

    1st post:

    1. Resident Evil: Gameplay [Finished]
    2. Haunting Ground: Gameplay [Chapter 3]

    etc. Ser Pockets can close that thread for you and let you update it accordinly when you need it opened, or just keep it open, and have Jeff state a moderators note; no posting please. ;)

    Also, VVBELOWVV wtf.
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