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  • it okay dude :) I looked in game and it only on offer online :sad3: but I might pick it up after Christmas or maybe preowned... does it need a season pass??
    what black ops do you play more... number 1 or 2... as number 2 on offer and I might pick it up today
    don't worry about it! I should've realized that sooner... >D; but it all makes sense now. o-o;
    Greeny! I think the code doesn't work 'cause the game is from the U.K. o_o; so maybe the code is also for the U.K. PS Store... >D; just realized that now.
    You're a mod now?! ... That explains being "Orangey" now. :mokken:

    I liked the name Greeny... ;__; But Orangey is catchy, too. :3
    Thank you for being a kind and active member. It's people like you that make it worth coming here! :grin:
    haha that would have been funny :lew: but yes, your set is very nice. but haha sprout.

    i shall call you mr. sprout :monocle:

    P.S. Hey Mr. Sprout :monocle:
    I think you're onto big money Greeny! The next Kingdom Hearts should incorporate less Disney worlds && more RPG worlds! I guess the problem is that the other really good RPGs aren't owned by Square-Enix. Boo. xD;

    Also, I'm loving the new avatar && sig! They did an awesome job on it! :D So quickly, too~ :p
    Ohh, I actually played it with my uncle, so I think that made it more worthwhile. Playing solo did get a bit boring at times. :/ I enjoyed the style of the game though && how there were several different worlds with different characters && storylines in each! Kinda like Kingdom Hearts, but not. xD
    Oo, I can't wait to see how it turns out! :3 I'm actually surprised that you're using my suggestion, hehe. Are you one of the few who actually played Legend of Mana? o_o
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