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  • Howdy there! :D How are you? :) Do you like the original FMA or Brotherhood? I've only seen the original, although that was absolutely excellent. I've seen the first two seasons of Bleach too. The first season was great, the second was a bit slow. I'd continue watching it if it wasn't so long!! D:
    Just Letting you know that Requiem's Call has Restarted and is in need of Posting,it's nearly been a week since it's Restarted,If no one has posted within this time the Character's will be hit with the bomb and die off.I really don't want to do this because you still showed intrest so please post when you have time.


    Aaron/A.A./Emperor Lelouch

    EDIT:Tipsy,A_A,Toni,and Raveness have posted please join when you can thanks!!
    :hmmm: hehe. I could tell you. If you swear an oath you must never tell this super awsome secret.
    Ah, that sucks. Transit here sucks at times, but it get's me around when I need it.

    I was told once that only 25% of jobs were advertised. I've been thinking about applying to somewhere else soon myself. I just wanna build a decent sized nest egg to potentially leech off of :P
    Whoa, really late shifts then X_x

    Oooh *ish glomped*

    I've had long word days that have gone as far as 14 hours, so get there early, and leave really late ;A;

    But the last while I've been having more evening shifts, but there meager 4-5 hours, and it usually takes me an hour and a half to travel back AND forth >_<

    So looking for another job, or just chilling for now?
    For a long while, not really, but I'm starting to hang around a little more when I can.

    I didn't realize working part time could take up so much time >_>
    Not the belly! Screw the Pillsburry dough-boy, I invented that laugh! D=<

    So how have you been?
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