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  • Hey man it has been a long time, how are things? It is a shame you never could implement or finish off your battle system/adventure concept and I myself stopped project world because of work and issues with my life. But now I'm going to redo it by setting my own forum just dedicated for the system. It isn't FF related so I thought it needed a new home, going to be starting tonight. Anyways I hope things are good with you etc
    hey, I caught your other link soo I edited it into my post along with the other link ;)
    Hey Soul, I transferred to Shiva just now. Gonna update && whatnot. See ya in the game sometime soon~ :3
    Merry Christmas, Soul! Be true to your username and help out Santa for the rest of the year. ;) Have a great one!
    Got a healer up to Corrusant to play with us on ToR, working him through there atm. He seems to prefer yellow crystals.
    Hey, to tell you the truth I have had a lot happen to me in the past month, family loss, illness etc and I felt it was my time to move on. I am sure I have you on MSN. Yours is Tornado something correct? and well I will always like to see where you little project leads :)
    Hmmm not sure how much a cybele goes for but it does seem a fair deal bro. 2cw is 1 hp so 22hp for Cybele is pretty cheap. They ask a lot more on bazaar.
    Cool Im glad to hear tht bro!
    Try to ask order members it might work, you never know. Also Ive seen some elves going for hp on bazaar.

    Oh yeah and post your atk and def before the 18th!
    LJ if you really gonna quit could I get your highrares? Hate to see you leave but you seem to be hardly active lately :(
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