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  • Hey, whose's shadow was speaking to the Darksworn? I'm getting the impression it's the gnome... Am I right?
    haha, I get it now. Dw, when u say bathouse, i think of a private one within the building. A guild hall often have their own. I'll have my character insist on just wiping up the armour XD
    oh nno. i was just saing. I said EVEN if you were, you wouldnt recognise her. So not even Noblesse nor your mage character would.
    Em ... I did not recognize you. Vadok only smelt that both of you, the dragoon and you were female by scent. He is a half-orc, half-elf. The craziest combination for good smelling capabilties. Why he was going to chop shop was mentioned in the post. To buy sackballs and a nose for the gray-orc of whom he is afraid.
    Was also wondering, why a member of Genesis was going into a chop shop. Tho, even if u were genesis, my intentions was taht no one would recognise me, even those from Genesis
    holy fuck berries and a half
    i for some reason thought Vadok was in Genesis. XD Ok, time to really edit posts
    ah so its a three way. 6 orcs vs 4 humans vs Clyuue. Id say thats pretty even... somewhat, tho its more favourable to the orcs
    So there are 6 orcs surrounding Clyuue and the 5 (now 4 since u killed one)?

    So the orcs mean by evening the sides, they count the 4+ Clyuue vs the 6 orcs?
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