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  • I forgot to reply. xD Hopefully we can play a game sometimes, yeah? Fancy playing FFXIV sometime? :D We have a fair number of players from this community, so it's really neat.
    Heeey. I'm trying to add you on steam but it tells me the user doesn't exist, etc. Steam can be glitchy sometimes when it comes to adding friends. See if you can add me instead: sukiartestudio
    I commented on your cover thread saying I didn't know you could sing...but apparently I did, according to my last VM! Probably just forgot. xD

    Shuttup, Kira. That wasn't creepy. /late
    LOL, creeper Mits VM. How's it going, Smiley? :D We're renewing a few things in the Clans. Quite a lot actually. I'm sorry you weren't around to give input, but I'm sure you'll love these changes!
    Could you PM me a picture of the people you meant with your TV show callout, 'cause I'm googling and getting rather confused. :wacky:
    Yeah thats right:ryan: there are plenty of us here:

    Pink Squid
    Kandy sugar
    and a few others:)

    good to meet you.......y'know virtually lol
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