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    What's your highest chain?

    102 with the wolves
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    Hi everybody
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    3 favorite authers of all time

    R.A Salvatore
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    List Top 5 Authors

    R.A Salvatore- forgotten realms Anne Rice-Vampire Chronicles Elaine CunningHam-Forgotten Realms Margret Wies Tracy Hickmen
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    Calvin and Hobbes

    yeah thats the one with the kid and the tiger, right
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    Count down from 1,000

    378 hello
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    Equipment Market

    I'd like to buy that sword when the trade center is fixed just contact me when it can be done.
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    Crafting stats

    when crafting with a tool like master pick it says you will get a bonus added to your weapon. But when i craft it there does not seem to be any bonus added to the stats can someone clear this up for me or am i doing something wrong.
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    avatar problems

    Thanks I'll Try That no i don't think it worked
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    avatar problems

    :mad: I have been trying to get a picture of Conan to work as my avatar. but nothing seems to work I've tried different pictures with the same result. I'm not very good with computer's so maybe someone could shed some light on it for me. or maybe send me a picture of Conan that works. You can...
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    Ability To Name Characters

    i like the names in ffxii. but in some other games i change the names. I don't like my main character to have a sissy name.
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    I agree. Some of the info tells you what loot to sell to get certain items. So i thought it was not completely useless.
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    Dirge of Cerberus Is it worth it?

    I did not like the game. the game play was fun but all the scenes that pop up drove me crazy. it seemed you would play for a couple of minutes and the a scene would pop up. And i just could not get into the story.
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    Did anybody else NOT use the espers in the game?

    i did't use mine that much. it seemed it took to long and used up to much mp
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    Favorite Character?

    I like seperoth he's badass.