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    Hawtest guy in Advent Children?

    Rufus. Not Cloud, not Vincent, not Reno. But Rufus. His face is covered for nearly the entire movie, but when we do see it... :blush: Reno comes in as a far second, and guess what? I love Rude too. He doesn't get much appretiation in the fandom, because he is not considered a bishounen...
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    FFVII - Worth Getting?

    This game is worth definently playing. It has a very deep story and well-developed characters. This game isn't afraid to have sad occurences and deaths, either, and that is another element that makes this game so great. As you play the game, you'll realise how unprodictable and heavy the events...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I'd be in my glory if they remade FFVII. However, the only things that I prefer to be edited are 1. The graphics, 2. The mistranslations, 3. Voice Casting. If Nomura changes ONE other thing -- even if its someone's clothing, or a battle sequence, I will personally be pissed off. Be braced for...
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    Best President

    Hmm... I'd honestly have to say Rufus. President Shinra liked to keep the masses under control using his money... Rufus saw this as a waste of resources, so when he became the president, he decided to resort to military force. After all, the Wutai war began when he was 6, and he was constantly...
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    which Cloud Pairing do you Support???

    Clorith <3 I am a Clorith shipper. ^_^ Clorith is actually one of my OTPs. I can find equal argument in the LTD between Clorith and Cloti, but I wouldn't want to eleborate on that, since this thread isn't supposed to be an LTD. I'm not a fan of yaoi, in fact, I strongly dislike it. I have...
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    Advent Children Was any one as surprised as I to see Rufus?

    Kazushige Nojima in the Advent Children Reunion Files:"The wheelchair he's in is actually part of his ruse, but on the other hand he did sustain a lot of injuries in the game, so he's not exactly in perfect shape." ^ There's your answer. As for how Rufus is able to pull off that stunt...
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    Did Aeris love Cloud or Zack?

    Ughh... People always say Zack, because Cloud stole his Identity. In the beggining of the story, Aeris is reminded of Zack, her first love, when she meets Cloud. Hence why she is attracted to Cloud. (IN THE BEGINNING) Cloud soon finds his true self at the end of the story, but this doesn't...
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    Dirge of Cerberus The Seventh Spinoff

    What's the point? One extra episode? The game's story sucked, imho. The game play was eh... pretty good; but why should there be a sequel to Dirge of Cerberus? SE should spend their time on working on the next installment to the whole compilation of FFVII, instead of digging up a crappy...
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    Tifa and Cloud

    CloTi I think that the CloudxTifa relationship is more of a brother/sister relationship. Although it seems like both Tifa AND Aeris love Cloud (This is very evident at the end of movie when they are both fallng in love with Cloud), I think that Cloud only has romantic feelings for Aeris. I...
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    Why do you keep watching this movie?

    I've watched it many times. Although it does get kinda boring when you've watched it about 8 times XD. You know, I only watch it when my bro is home. I hate watching it without him for some reason. We make jokes about it and stuff. I mostly watch it to see the Turks & Rufus in action though...
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    Person Above You Naked

    ^ Ew! its BS' fat ass!
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    Type with your eyes closed

    all emos djoulf fie Translation: All emos should die.
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    Rate The Sig And Avatar Above You

    9/10 for both, but I've never heard of the band.
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    Person Above You Naked

    ^ *Faints from the ugliness*
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    Chocolate chip or Oreo?

    Chocolate Chips FTW. However, I LOVE oreos in ice cream. I don't eat cookies often, though. :P