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  • I wouldn't mind a SH 4 to be honest,haha.It's been years since I found out they disbanded.It's such a shame really.And the games didn't get the recognition they deserved.What I loved the most from the 1st game was the very dark atmosphere.I think Yuri grows as a character in both games.Although I've nothing against Alice,since I always kept her in my main part(she's a great help after all) I am a fan of Karin...perhaps cause she somewhat reminds me of Tifa(haha),not to say that both are identical personality wise,but they do have some similarities.
    The scene where Yuri revives Alice is a very emotional one,or the scenes with both of them sitting in the train they met.Even if I do indeed like Karin more than Alice,I think Alice and Yuri make a better couple and it's pretty obvious how much Yuri loves Alice and what an effect her presence has on him.
    no problem ! it's basically the truth. SE isn't as good as it was back then. FF12 is like watching paint dry and FF13 tries to be good and it sadly fails. And FF14 what were they thinking ?!? Hopefully FF15 will be back to the old days, but that hope is getting smaller and smaller.
    Hey, as long as you enjoy doing it and it makes you happy don't stop doing it. If i can ever attain the shape i want, i might try it out one day. The only problem then would be who to cosplay as since i like a plethora of characters from a number of different animes and games. I'll admit, at first i thought cosplaying and the people that did it were strange but, it's a hobby and if people enjoy doing it i don't see the problem with it. I don't know why i ever thought of it as strange to begin with, other than it being alien to me i guess.
    I've been working out indoors because of the heat, i occasionally go out for walks but i haven't been doing that like i should. I would try out cosplaying but i don't because of lack of funds mainly, that and i don't have the looks nor the body to do cosplay as the characters i like the most.
    Yeah, i watched smallville for a good while but it just dragged on for too long for me to continue watching it. Same thing with supernatural, it's dragging on and i don't like it anymore. Not to mention they killed off all the characters i liked in the show too, i don't really watch television anymore anyway. I just work out and play games on my ps3.
    I can't remember if i watched buffy in it's entirety, but i do recall that happening with spike throughout angel. I'll admit it was pretty awesome when they started working together towards the end of the show. I don't entirely dislike spike, i like him somewhat just not as much as angel. Although the constant brooding from angel did bother me for a good bit, i just got used to it after awhile.
    Huh, spike annoyed me for reasons i can't remember at the moment. Angel reminded me of cloud in a way, i guess that's why i like him. :hmmm:
    Oh yes,Shadow hearts is a rare gem and one of a kind.I've played all three games in the SH series and got my hands on Koudelka as well,on the psp but there's a point where it freezes and cannot be avoided unfortunately.I really like the humor in the SH games and would have prefered it if the continued to be as dark as the first one(mainly the 3rd one in the series...)
    I don't see how it's sexist to be honest, nothing ever gets said about playing as a muscular shirtless guy in a action game, etc. I'll admit some of the costumes are a bit too revealing but that's not why i got the game. Costumes are just there to unlock for replayabilitys sake, unless a game has a good chunk of replayability i don't bother getting it.
    It's a fun game imo, there's a good bit of replayability for it. The humor of the game is what kept me going my first time through it, my only gripe with the game is that you can't skip certain scenes but they don't last long anyway so i guess that's not too much of an issue. The fact that tara strong and michael rosenbaum voice the two main protags was an extra incentive for me in buying it. As far as gameplay it gets repetive quickly since you only have a limited moveset in the beginning, but once you start to unlock move moves it keeps it interesting imo. If you aren't sure about whether to get it or not look up a couple gameplay videos to see if it's to your liking.
    Been alright just bored, there's not much to do around here. I'm going to have to go grocery shopping again soon though, i might just go back to try to complete lollipop chainsaw 100 percent later, i haven't fully decided yet. :lew:
    I'm glad your doing amazing :) I am doing well just lots of things to do so little time haha.
    No one can forget Batman. He's always a staple I would like to read on about all the time! I'm pretty confuse as to who owns the mantle now however. If Dick's still Batman or if Bruce returned to being Batman after Darkseid sent him around through time.
    I am surprised you like the Watchmen series! What other comic series are you into? Marvel? DC? I usually stick around Marvel these days.
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