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  • You're going to sit there and tell me that some kid on his smartphone is more of a social hazard than a religious nutjob who's going to bomb Comedy Central Studios if South Park depicts Muhammad? Religion has been a virus that has plagued humanity with countless human atrocities for thousands of years and still continuing on to this day. If you want me to give you more modern examples, I'd be happy to do so.
    Oh social media infested with paedophiles......dude not everything is rainbow and sunshine.
    Dude go google "bad influences of internet" or "bad influences of smartphones". Educate yourself.
    Ive seen kids on their bicycles while on their smartphone, people/teenagers text and what not on their smartphones while driving a vehicle. Some kids come home and are constantly on their phones even at dinner.

    Yeah Im pulling it out of my ass. I feel compelled to give you advice to educate yourself more on these subjects.
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