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  • Totally is. Instead of having hearts or stars in my eyes 'cause something is pretty, I have little vegetable soup plates. :inlove:
    YO! Screw reviewing man, You promised to remove it if I was good, which I was. As a Mod/ whatever you are, you're supposed to be the role model. Breaking a big promise like that ain't cool yo... That's just beyond wrong.
    Will you be joining Secret Santa this year? If yes, let me know and I'll save a spot for you.
    Yes, I'll be tutoring! I'll be working as part of a team, though, so it's not too daunting and I'm really looking forward to it! :)

    You play soccer and run marathons? That's pretty cool! :) On a slighly related note, I've met a person who ran a marathon in the desert with a group for charity. It sounded incredibly tough! Have you ever thought about doing anything like that? (I can't imagine my body coping. :wacky:)

    Where do you work? :)
    I'm quite good thanks. Awaiting Skyrim. I also start working on Wednesday, which I'm looking forward to! I'll be managing and helping children in English and Maths after school, which is going to be great experience since I want to teach English in the future!

    Have you been up to much recently?

    Also, I envy the fact you've played Xenogears and Chrono Cross. I really want to play both of these, but they haven't yet reached the UK. Fingers crossed that they'll appear on the PSN. :wacky:
    Yes it's owned by me, but I did something stupid and now I can't go in to delete it so I need you to :sad3:
    Hello Fantastic Mr Shu.

    Can you please do me a favour? I would like to delete the Social Group 'RikuxSora' so it gets the fuck off my profile page :grin: Are you able to help me with that?

    Thank you.
    Tyler! I have enough points to purchase a smilie (which I've already done. :wacky: ) but need your assistance to add it.
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