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    Who's side would you join? (Good or Bad?)

    If you where in the game which side would you be on? Cloud Or Sephiroth, and why? I say why because it would be awsome to be on Sephiroth side. And you could be on his cool side and he would teach you how to fight. And I would be able to fight Cloud and the gang. What about you?
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    Your all-time favorite FF characters

    Sephiroth-He's is the best fighter ever and he looks so sweet. If he was real and he acted like he was in FF7 I wouldn't want to meet him. Squall- This dude is awsome,He reminds me of my friends Cody. He's a quiet guy that dosen't really care about you. He is just awsome freaking awsome!
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    Hello, everybody!

    Welcome,This site is freaking awsome! Really!!!
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    Do you have the friends like I do?

    I used to be most popular at my school but, now someone has a reason to hate me because. They say I'm mean,or called them fat,or just did one little thing and then they start I hate you club. And everybody joins and then they all talk to you again like nothing happened and then when you didn't...
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    Im Back

    Welcome,I don't know you but I would love'd to get to know you. And glad your PC works again.
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    Crystal's FF drawings

    You have to teach me to draw like that!
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    Which FF intro was the best?

    FFVIII, it was awsome to see and I was amazed.
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    Do you have the friends like I do?

    I'm not hated in the school they just jump on my it's this girl that's must hated in my school. My freinds just don't treat me right and there the only people I got.
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    im fresh :D

    Welcome,nice avatar lol,but anyways this site is awsome.
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    Do you have the friends like I do?

    Do you have friends that turn against your back when you do one thing wrong. To get both of you guys in trouble? And then they start I hate you club and everybody in the class jumps on you? And then they start talking to you again in a couple days later like nothing happend? And then they do it...
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    Yeah, I almost cried to it's a sad,exciting, and bloddy movie!
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    KHII Did you like the first part of the story?

    I liked KH1 begging better the KH2 it was more funner and quicker.
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    The Ex-Soldier:Cloud Strife Fan Club!

    Cloud Strife: <TABLE width="80%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width="50%" background=../1_sharedgfx/sizebar.gif><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=100 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD bgColor=#242542>Age </TD></TR><TR><TD background=../1_sharedgfx/sizebar.gif>21...
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    I seen the movie yesterday and I loved it but not at the beggining there was no action and the nudity was nasty! But it got better and yes it was packed and the same thing happen to me and he sezzed on me.
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    What are you currently doing?

    On here,on Myspace,and about to eat some food! Good food!