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  • Things are well on my end. Glad to see you back even if just to pop in once in awhile. I hear ya with the priorities though, and good luck with whatever path you choose for your career! They all sound rewarding. :)
    Yeees, I'm glad you said to buy myself something nice. Especially with my birthday coming up ha :lew:. I've just got to think of something now 0_0 .
    I've got to find something different...a new hobby maybe :hmm:.
    Ahhh nice. Yep, I'm alright. Boring job that I'm trying to replace, but meh. Yep, still doing let's plays, though I've been thinking about least for a while.
    :eek: I haven't seen you around in ages! I'm not sure you would even entirely remember me from Survivor...2 years back? Ish?
    Nice to see you around :griin:
    yeah i might be going to rio in 2016 or 2014 for the world cup ill see. all depends on circumstances really like everything in life :wacky:
    yeah im glad america beat the chinese for a while i thought the chinese were gonna win it but america just powered through on the athletics. gb did good too they had their biggest medal haul in a hundred years xD proud of them :lew:
    yeah we get a few famous customers but nobody super big 'cause usually they send in their stylists. the olympics were nice but i think London could have done a lot better than it did it i didnt think much of the ceremonies -__-
    you know it wasnt that bad :hmmm: if gotta kinda busy at times in certain places but i liked how there were so many different people around. I kinda miss the tourists now :(
    Not a problem. I don't see myself having any plans right now, so it should work out.

    Don't worry about it. Go take care of what you have to. ^_^
    Yeah, thats true. I got put with a Garen when I was Darius, and we were tearing shit up. Until the turret came into the picture, anyway. :wacky:

    Maybe when I get home later we can get a game or 2 in?
    The guys that used him when you saw were just shit, then. He doesn't really play like him, because unlike Trynd, Darius is way stronger, not to mention he has strong abilities, even in the early stages.
    That's a good head you got on your shoulders, Tay. :ryan: I completely give props to you for being that type of girl. :ohoho:

    LDR can be sooo fulfilling if they're honest and loving-- :ryan:
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