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  • Ross! Regarding yesterday's scare :wacky:

    Belazor et Britannia
    : That's all there is to gather. It means the username or email address was found in a database of breached accounts on those sites. I've changed the settings of the DB Security mod to only check emails, to reduce false positives.

    So we've got nothing to worry about I guess!
    Lmao, never! :wacky: I remember when I was the Grinch... Never again :sad3:
    I'll get the smiley to you asap; currently on mobile atm. :)

    Let me know what codename you'd like so long as it's somewhat relevant to the smiley. :)
    Welcome to the Cerberus Guild! You can conveniently keep tabs of any discussion/posts in the right-side panel (Group Discussion). We're hoping to see the Groups advance and grow eventually, so thank you for your interest. If you have any suggestions, feel free to use the Cerberus General Discussion thread. :)
    it's pretty cool ok >:( + it's the only year where I didn't have to use a calculator to find my age
    THANK U FOR THE THREAD ROSS omg ;-;, also noooo I'm totally not looking forward to being 23
    Don't forget about the site banner if you wanna still enter that, btw!
    Isn't that the one with the chocobos?! :wacky: lmao. How's that gonna bring you back?!
    Thanks for the testi! Glad it's been enjoyable so far. =]

    You and Mark have been noted! I shall write it in my FFXIV notebook.
    Read your mood post. It doesn't make you a terrible person. No one wants to be confronted with people being ill or being in hospitals. Especially grandparents, in my opinion. Good luck to you and your family, and I hope everything will be okay.
    You asked if I wanted to join your clear party, and I said I just joined a full learning party with Jeff (meaning phase 1-3), then I just told you I wasn't sure if I was comfortable joining the party you had which was a clear party, so they expect to clear.

    Wasn't any intruding. Just misunderstanding. It's all good. Also, by the time you asked me that in tell Jeff and I were already in that party, you can ask him. Sorry for the misunderstanding as well, though.
    You logged off so I'm not sure if you caught it, but I said "We joined a full learning party", I didn't say the party was full, just meant it was phase 1-3. Instead of phase 3 progression only. Misunderstanding there, so just to clarify! ;)
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