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  • My God, I didn't reply! And you have been waiting for my answer for almost a year. I really need to come here more often. Or at least not to forget that I should reply. ;____;
    I study Japanese philology. I finished the undergraduate degree programme, and now I'm doing the MA/master. I hope to survive it, too. Haha :,D

    I totally get what you mean. I thought a lot about whether I should go to the master course after the BA course, or I should finally go to work. But I worried that with a simple undergraduate degree I won't get any better jobs so I finally started the master. I hope I have better chances with it. And maybe my Japanese skills will impove. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I am really glad that I was admitted. There were a lot of people who weren't... so I try to do my best. :D But these school-job kinda debates are really difficult. :(

    I hope you are doing great!
    Heya!! :waves: How are things pal!?

    Haven't heard this one before, it's awesome. Reminds me of Theory of a Deadman in some striking ways, although not their latest stuff (don't get me started!).

    Have you ever given The Birthday Massacre a listen by any chance?
    It's good to hear that you're well!:D
    I'm also okay. School is reeally tiring (I have to write my thesis but don't even have time for that because I have so many classes...) but I do try my best to survive. I just... sometimes disappear for a while x,D
    Hi! Thank you for writing!:D I disappeared for a while... school s*cks I must say. ˇˇ"" But other than that I'm well! I hope we can talk in the chat very soon!C:
    What about you?:D Are you all right? What are you doing nowadays?:3
    I have no idea when Thomas Azier's new album is coming out yet, but I know he's touring. My sister and I are going to see him in London next weekend!!!!! :hyper: Don't know what the line up will be like but I think it's going to be awesome either way!
    Saw it on my Spotify feed a few days back! Instant love for this song and super excited to see the album- if Talk to Me is any indication, the album will be fucking amazing!!!! :hyper:
    You're right, these guys are awesome!! The instrumental in this song is unreal and suits the lead singer's voice to a T! Their theatrics is probably the thing I like best though; pure win.

    I'll have to link you a few songs soon. They will be different than Ghost for sure, but I hope it will float your boat. 'Till then, stay classy!

    PS. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Thomas Azier will release his new album either the end of this year or start of 2017. He posted on his FB page in August that he wouldn't make us wait much longer so there's hope for it yet! Also, Indiana may have something for us too soon enough, hard to say on that. However she did release a "cast off song" which is worth checking out!
    Never heard of them; link please!

    And I'm soooo jelly. It would be a dream come true to see BB live. The only thing is I would have to fork out for a flight to America because there's no way Burnley's flying anywhere! :lew:

    This week I'm back into the electronic vibe with Christine & The Queens and the beloved Blaqk Audio! ♥
    How about you? Give me something to listen to!!!!
    Thank you, you're so nice!C: I can't wait to speak more with you and the others!:D
    Yo! Finally got the chance to fully listen to this song today. :joey: I love the intro a lot, but it's the lead singer's voice which really sells it. It sounds to me like a nice blend between pop punk and rock and I think these guys nail this sound perfectly. Haven't heard the song nor the band's material before so I'll be checking out the rest of their stuff, thanks!

    I currently back into my punk rock and metal mood, so I've been addicted to Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence and AFI. What about yourself, who's your flavour for the month?

    Even as a fem'qote who loves the cat race I find that a serious downgrade.
    Stupid Copy+Paste, stop ruining our lives!!!

    New bands! I'm interested in what they are, last few songs you've posted up in the "What are you currently listening to" thread have been pretty awesome. :joey:

    As for myself, I'mn currently listening to Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots and my two "Go-To" bands, AFI and The Neighbourhood. I'll be going to the Leeds Music Festival this year and I wanted to catch up with Imagine Dragons' album "Smoke + Mirrors". I had heard a few songs but after finally finding the album in my local music store I'm happy to say I'm all up-to-date. For the record, the album is pure epic. :inlove:
    Yeah, it's the accent on the "í", can't bring myself to change it though, it would ruin the pronunciation of the name. :sad3:. Pronunciation > Making life easier on just about everyone.

    By the way, read your post on that album you bought. Whereas I can't say I know anything about the group or the album itself, I'm sorry to hear that it disappointed you. Always dismayed to see someone get let down by a band they've admired - sad days. Fortunately I've never had to put up with that myself - another reason I'm relieved to have never gotten into Paramore! Sellouts are just...just so...yeah, just don't.
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