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  • *returns the stalking, then hides under your desk/table and beams maniac, friendly grins at you* Why hallo thar... *fangy smile*
    Oh lol, if you're talking about the chocobo race in VII, I had so much trouble with that that I gave up very quickly :lew: Very frustrating minigame, though fun every once in a while.

    And yeah, I know the ATB system felt so slow for IX, with the comparatively good graphics. It felt almost or equally slow to FFIV at times actually, which could be understood for a SNES game but not for a PS1, I would think :hmmm: I'm glad you really liked the story though :D

    And I think I know what part you're talking about w/ Dollet XD Yeah I don't know how far I was at that point in level, but I have a tendency to level up in games a lot as well, just to make sure I can get through the areas with no trouble, or to learn skills. In FFVI I often get some characters up to 9999 HP because of trying to level up all their Esper magics :ness: But it's nice when the random battles are easy.
    (Crap, sorry it took me so long to write back :gonk: How are you?)

    Haha, I saw your rep from the Choco thread, thanks XD Yeah, it's kind of an addictive minigame but it can be really frustrating at times, I had to look up some of the locations b/c I just could not find them on my own -__- But I hope you had an easier time with it than I did! Do you like IX so far, is this the first time you've played it?

    And lol, well I'm sure you would have done fine as a mod too :) And if I need help with VIII I'll let you know XD I haven't had time to play it lately tbh, it's been so long that I might even just start over from the beginning so I don't get lost with the story :ness:
    FFIX is wonderful, it makes me sad to know you don't like it :sad2:

    I have enough RPGs to last me a life time now!
    I just recently bought Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the Abyss and Rogue Galaxy and I still haven't finished Persona 3 yet!!

    You should try and find a tales game to play, they're really really awesome :D
    It is Yuri and Estelle from Tales of Vesperia on Xbox360, I am currently playing it and am loving it a lot!!
    Apparently they have an anime on it too :D
    for size 6-8 sounds good.

    for rules, not elemental cos it only works one way. Same maybe?

    deck size.... 20 cards, cos its only a small tourney.

    lol the prize would only be 1-2 cards to my understanding.

    (i totally misunderstood the PM when mits asked me xD)
    Tournament Size: 2-8

    If its like tier's of 2 people per match then I would go with 6 for now since 12 people would be a good start not many people are good at TT yet so a small tournament would be best for now

    Tournament Rules:

    hmm I'd pick Close((hide the cards from the oppenent)),Plus,and Elemental to give it a challange

    User Settings - (Hours) - Does it matter...?

    I wouldn't think this would matter but it would be easier to set up matches based on who comes on when and what their time zone is so its easier for the players to schedule a match

    User Deck Size

    hmm I would think 25-30 deck be a good enough size


    This seem's fine but i wouldn't give two since they are the best cards in the game

    I wasent sure about Deck part so i thought it was like collection or something
    I'm alright ta :lew:
    I've been looking for a job as well like, but nowhere will take me for the summer :hmmm: off on holiday too much apparently. Well :monocle:
    I'm alright though. Exams :sad3: but apart from that, it's alllllll good.
    Shinnyyyy, post in ARE PEA soon prease? <3

    Also, how'z it gawn? you haven't been online a lot lately? what happened? :(
    Omg I didn't catch this note until just now, I'm sorry :gonk: How are you? And haha thanks XD I didn't know you applied though, I'm sure you would've been a good one too ;)

    And I get what you mean about the job hunting, kind of in the same boat with that lately, they keep giving me unpredictable hours and I never know ahead of time what days I'm even going to be asked to work and when they're going to start giving me hrs back :mokken: So I've been running around applying and I don't even know if I need to now :ness: I hope you have better luck than I do though.

    And I've never actually beaten FF8, I really should try to get back into it sometime, only made it to the beginning of Disc 2 :hmmm: I got so addicted to the Draw function though that I probably could've made it farther by now if I didn't run around stealing spells all the time XD It's too fun though. Have you beaten it before?
    Thanks! :D And don't worry about posting in the thread if you don't want to, that's alright XD This is just as good ;) So what's new with you?
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