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  • I can't actually remember that well if I was very active in the RP forums here. I used to RP a lot on so many forums. I had some bios posted here a few years back, and taking part in a couple of RPs though. But I've always stuck with The Welsh Paddy.
    Yeah, I felt kinda ignored upon my return to the RP section until getting in on Ahri's ORPG. It's not fun, and I find being more welcoming of people helps encourage more activity. Plus, I generally just like passing on what wisdom I have that may be of some use to people. :D
    I'm sorry, I was swept away by a friend for some PC help. I did not mean to ignore you, Justin-my-zombie-slaying-buddy. :sad2:
    An infinite crowd of mathematicians enters a bar. The first one orders a pint, the second one a half pint, the third one a quarter pint...
    'I understand,' says the bartender and pours two pints.
    I hope you are still treating your lady friend to lots of pizza and etc...Mr. Justin :ness:
    Aw well thats good to hear :lew:

    I myself have not been so fab as of recent. I had to be admitted to the hospital Wednesday-Monday of this last week because I got really sick and dehydrated and my doctor had to adjust my meds and run some tests. It wasn't very fun :( I'm so glad I'm doing better now though. Its taking long that I decided to just graduate in May because I started out so behind in my classes...but I guess my health is more important right now.
    It makes a lot of sense; it's not too different to what I'd like to do, really. :)

    What else are you interested in? :)

    P.S. I'm glad you weren't hit too badly, and I hope the power comes back soon. I'd miss cooking A LOT if we had no power. :/
    Was that Irene? :(

    I think I'm going to teach English! :) I may decide to teach at primary level instead, in which case I'll be teaching everything (English, Maths, History, RE, Science, Geography, etc), but my heart lies with books and I love to write...

    What do you enjoy most as a teacher? :)

    I love the school environment and the opportunity for discussion. I love the sense of community - a good school has one - and the structure. I want to inspire the next generation, too. I think too many teachers teach BY THE BOOK; they don't take the opportunity to be creative. I hope to be different and to make a difference. :)
    I've just noticed that you have visited my profile, AND you're a teacher! :) What do you teach? I'm hoping to train next year. :)
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