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  • Good, our old pc had to be replaced since XP is obsolete so my old mans buddy have a state of the art 700$ laptop and sold it to my old man for 130$ xD its pretty damn good I can play all my games and run stuff faster, been spending the past 3-4 days transfering files and websites xD
    Just saw in the shoutbox about your mom and dad Chant D: I'm sorry to hear they're splitting up T_T if you need to talk or anything please lemme know
    Chan, you could,'t be a darling and add me to the FFF Linkshell on XIV at some point? Character name is Haru Miyu
    :ahmed: don't neglect the playlist. Ha, I do that with 95% of my emails haha. God forbid anyone ever sends me an important email but doesn't put the right subject...
    I told you it'll get better. Though now you see why I told you to play the DLC case first. The killer was such an awesome twist but I feel they took his "gimmick" a bit too far at the end honestly.
    I would answer that but that would spoil the ending. :P But yeah stick with it though. Even if you don't like it the final case will make up for it.
    Case 4 in this game is...special. You'll see why I say that at the end of it. It will get better though.
    It can be hard to read tone in text when folks dont add emotes. We all use them so frequently etc

    Il let it slide this time !
    I wasnt meaning to upset you :wacky: If i added an emote i bet you would have realised i was joking.

    I am never serious :pooley:
    Ok, we got one of those colors made. The cyan one anyway. The cactuars are already in the system (just disabled from the shop), so when you get on today, PM me. We'll coordinate our evil plan then so that you get to grab the very first cactuar today. ;)
    Since you have that placeholder for cactuars, can you give me an idea what color you're aiming for? :)
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