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  • Cody! Good to see you around. How've you been?
    I have been mostly good. Thanks for asking. It is good to be around again lol how are you?
    There were periods where my activity dropped here but I never really left. I'm sorry to hear about ur situation but thats life I guess, how u pick urself up is what really matters. Have you returned now or just paying a short visit?
    If you were asking why my name is Shu.. well that's a tale all in itself. At age 13, I was known as Chilly in the gaming community. Age 14-15 it was turned to Chillz, which held suit till around 20. Then from there.. WoW picked up, and I played as Chi (chillz for short) and an old friend's tag... Shu. So Chishu. I looked up a definition.. and it was like fate.. "Master of one's Chi". On the forums I dropped, the word Chishu, and made it Shu.

    In relation, I called it "wisdom, or master" - So that's where "shu" came from.
    Hey give me some credit, Cody. I stuck with my last username for over 6 months. :wacky:
    Heh. I threw my clothes in the washer & a pizza in the oven. Not very exciting, but hopefully satisfying. :LJ: Arguing with Ballade on games is like waging a land war in asia. Its like going up against a sicilian when death is on the line, only the person arguing is the sicilian. ^_^
    That's boys for you. :hmph: (no offense :wacky: ) yes you are, and you best remember that! :mokken:

    This place is terrible. We should watch it burn. :hmph:
    I thought you'd never ask :ari: I accept :inlove:

    tell your boyfriend to wise up and realize what he got. :mokken:

    i am not as pretty as you. :britt:

    and yes, i am sadly still in this hellhole. :hmph:
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