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  • Bunnnnnnny Feeeeet. We have a few folks asking about you. How have you been?
    May I ask what is your cell phone number so I can contact you in the future and possibly engage in human interaction?
    Ah yes it is a name of a food but I can't remember where and what it is. Or it can mean Cute also ;D

    Yeah I'm fine. Bored myself like always and getting along fuine with my programming at college.
    How are you my lovely bonita (I'm a little hungry hence the food name :lew:) :dave:
    Dansa med oss
    Klappa era händer
    Gör som vi gör
    Ta några steg åt vänster
    Lyssna och lär
    Missa inte chansen
    Nu är vi har med

    I love your avvy. At first it looks like a duck, but then, upon further inspection, it's a chocobo. :wacky:

    Oh, and hai :3
    I'm on a run, think I'm unbeaten against advances ai in my last 20 matches I think. Check the 5 cards I used in my recent matches against advanced......And try to get them 5 there really good.

    They are all available on Advanced AI, it may take time to get them all though....
    9-1!?!?! lol :awesome:

    You've got pretty decent cards , and you got a summon card!

    I don't think I've ever won 9-1 before, even against starter or beginner! :gasp:
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