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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    Oh snap. I missed the one with the artist theme. I couldn't get on the interwheb and post it. >.<
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    Gabranth sig request

    That stock is way too small, find a larger one.
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    Lizards kind of freak me out that's why I didn't want to do it. I don't want to be staring at a lizard for too long. XD I might try Lizzie the Paralympics Mascot. For net week how about we try the works of Makoto Shinkai? Or any other famous artist of some sort.
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    I just realised ~HysteriaN~ is also Australian. Australians are winning the SOTW Competitions and we're also in your coffee mugs! Anyways congrats Hyst.
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    Are you atleast going to post the winning entries instead of their names so we can keep track of which ones won? Mine: Hyst: Lizards? This has got to be the wierdest theme I've ever seen. What would count a lizard? Do baangas...
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    SOTW 06 Voting Thread

    Anyways my vote goes to number one.
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    SOTW 05 Voting Thread

    We've got a tie. I believe this is the first in FFF SOTW history.
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    Try the frst post buddy. ;)
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    Death Tags

    Well I couldn't think of a more orignal name for a tag shop so I went with Death Tag (Death Note). How to use: The human who makes a request in this thread, will quite possibly get a tag. I will make tags for people who request them, however I'm quite picky so please provide a good stock...
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    SOTW 05 Voting Thread

    Number three got my vote. Meh, no comment.
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    Old looking? WTF? You mean tattered? Meh kind of a lame theme to be honest. I like the idea of music as well either that or something from a selected time period.....the 80s maybe?
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    SOTW 04 Voting Thread

    To be honest I didn't like any of the entires but number 4 was the best of all of them.
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    I was wondering do cyborgs count as robots? I hada stock in mind but if you aren't a fan of the series it would look like a regular person. =/
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    Lawliet WIP

    I started out with an idea but then I changed my mind every now and then so I kepy starting again I'm not sure what I should do with this so yeah. But it's still a WIP. CnC?
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    Dis or dat?

    Meh the tags are so-so, they are a bit too dull too be honest. The random placement of the C4Ds isn't working well either, they're going in all different directions. :eek: Not one of your best work Sins. Sins can you PM me the stock? PM it to me at ACF please.