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  • I find Japanese quite challenging but very enjoyable. The writing system is easily the biggest hurdle but, it is also, in my opinion, the most interesting feature. It is consistently interesting because I am constantly learning new characters etc..

    On the one hand, French makes a lot of sense to me as many of the concepts seem quite similar to English. On the other hand, there are a lot of little things to worry about while writing. Also, my pronunciation is still horrible. But overall, It is quite enjoyable. Surprisingly, the genders of nouns aren't nearly as difficult to remember as I thought they would be. I haven't being studying it for very long, but I feel that I have a half decent understanding of the general grammatical concepts. Also, in terms of making progress, using the roman alphabet is huge plus. :monster:

    When did you learn to speak French?

    I'm also somewhat curious to hear about your experiences in China. :wacky:
    Wow! Why did you choose to learn those languages? What was the first foreign language you started? Is English your first language?

    I've been learning Japanese for about 3 and a half years. I first got inspired to learn it after I visited Japan and made some friends. Japan was the first foreign country I had been to; so it was quite special to me.

    I only started Chinese and French this year. I chose Chinese because I met a lot of Chinese speakers through traveling and there are a lot of international students from China living in my city. I figured that since they all took the trouble to learn English, the least I could do was learn some Mandarin.

    As for French, I wanted to try learning a European language. I was torn between French and Spanish, but I ended up going with French as I recently visited France and enjoyed it very much.

    I've attempted Russian in the past, but I never got very far with it. I mostly just focused on learning vocabulary for the sake of traveling.
    Hey there. Just thought I'd drop you a message to say hello. I see you have an interest in languages. I'm currently learning Japanese, Standard Chinese and French myself. How long have you had an interest in languages? Which ones are you currently teaching? :)
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