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  • It's going really rather well, although now your profile background hurts my eyes!

    How is the carrier of light?
    Aye i dont give a crap about trophies though to be honest. Id much rather just enjoy a game and a big part of that for me is in having a fair and reasonable challenge 8)
    I lowered the difficulty cuz i wasnt enjoying it. The first 4 hours or so of the game i didnt know what to make of it at all but i ended up really liking it 8)
    I just started playing it today and went for hard mode aswell :lew: Kinda wishing i went normal but thats for wimps you know what im saying?

    Im not that far into it yet so i dont have an opinion on the game itself yet but it looks really nice.
    I'll wait until they are all decided and then change usergroups. that way I can do it all at once.
    Okay. I'm having a difficult time setting up some of the permissions though. Something's not right, so I'll have to verify a few things with Belazor. For the most part, the huts are set, except the teams can only see their own hut. The other Hut sub-forum won't even appear, unlike in the past -- they can see the other huts, but not view what's inside. I guess this should be okay since they're not meant to view their opponent's huts anyway.

    There's also an issue with vbslider. Some of the content that appears there shouldn't even be there. Need to find the source of the problem, but I'll have Belazor check that tomorrow.
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