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  • Dude I read that Punk will be out until SummerSlam. I'm taking it with a grain of salt, but still, it makes sense for it to happen like that. He can take the belt from Cena there
    Not until Mania! :gasp: Rock vs Cena III??? I can't take this bullshit anymore! We already suffered for 2 years with these two. No more!.... Seriously though, who the hell does Cena fight at Mania now? Undertaker? Title vs Streak. That would piss off the world if Cena won that match and stayed as a face.
    Ehh... I have to agree with you there. He should be taking more losses than he is. Clean losses too. Not even the finish to Punk/Cena at MITB 2011 was clean. Cena was distracted by *Michael Cole voice* Big Johnny!...... So, would you want him to put over Ryback clean at Extreme Rules? I honestly don't see him having the belt for long. Maybe Summerslam.
    That's some fucked up shit right there. I've always like Batman over Superman too. I think that was more because I saw Batman as the Kane of superheroes. But C'mon. Cena isn't Superman. He lost to fucking Big Johnny last year. :( I wonder if Cena will ever turn heel.
    His current one is amazing. I absolutely love it. XD At least the phantom of the opera one fit at the time. I'm gonna be sad if he ever replaces his current one though. (Whenever the fuck he decides to come back :hmmm: )
    Dude! That crowd on Raw last night was fucking INSANE!

    They were humming Fandango's theme song! XD

    They completely ignored Sheamus/Orton. :lew:

    Raw's.crowd was miles better than WM.
    Ahh yeah. When I was on my achievement rampage, it did get me pretty mad that I needed to play online to get some.

    I'm with you on that, man.
    Wow! That's pretty impressive. You sir, are pwnage. XD

    I'm like that with wrestling video games. I've been playing them for so many years, not even the occasional control change has bothered me. I can still hold up pretty well, even on legend difficulty.
    Ahhh a bit like myself then. I play mostly fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Never cared for the electric since i was in my early teens. My taste in music changed a lot and in my opinion you do so much more with an acoustic than you can an electric. Most people who dont play seriously underestimate the power of a classical acoustic or a steel string.Like you ive been playing for near a decade. Can play some banjo aswell and have some basic skills with the piano ie i can play mostly all the major and minor chords and know how to form them by using the counting tip. Piano lessons is a future goal of mine. :D

    Wish i could do it for a living but im an engineer. Started serving my time as a pipefitter when i was 16.
    Aye but ive been here since march 07 :wacky: so your new to me hahaha

    You seem like a decent dude. Whats your interests?
    Remember that promo that Damien Sandow did a few weeks ago where he made fun of country music? XD

    One of the things he mentioned as a topic they sing about was "broken down trucks" (not an exact quote but close enough)
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