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  • Thank you for your help with Snowcloak earlier! I appreciate it. Great heals! :D
    I am happy to have returned to Final Fantasy XIV. I thought a lot about my life and who I wanted to me and I came to a huge realization. I realized that I am gay. I spoke to my family and some of my friends about it and they support me. After making this realization that I am lesbian, I feel a real sense of calm come over me and I truly believe that this is who I am. And I am proud of that.
    Hello there! Just dropping in to see how you're getting on? I saw your vote for the leader position in the thread and thought I would also let you know that unfortunately Mitsuki isn't going for the position this time around. Instead you'll get to choose between Harly Mystile (Harlequin) and Linnaete Mellemme (.Fleur). Both have been instrumental to the creation of the FC and are very friendly people to talk to should you want to ask them any questions.
    Hey man welcome to the forum! I'm Tom (Harly Mystile), right now we're on a recruitment drive to get people in the FC so if you know anyone you think is open to joining we're happy to oblige. If you need anything feel free to shout one of us and we'll be happy to help but otherwise have fun etc.
    Hi, there! =] So here I am, fancy meeting you here again. Just mailed you some accessories in the game. I'm about to take a break but I'll get you your stick (I call them stick) and gear around level 15 since you're probably gonna blast your way through the newbie gear/weapon anyway. xD

    Anyway, welcome to FFF! This site has been around since 2006, so... we've had a lot of history here. =] If you read the sign-up for the FC and info about it, why we have to center the FC based around this community, honestly it's our way of having a good time in the game with people we're comfortable with. At the same time, it helps keep this site going despite our activity issues here and there. We figured, by integrating both FC and site together and playing with members we've known for years while also recruiting new people to game with and hopefully integrate here as well... it's a good deal. We're aiming for quality, hopefully establish connection and friendships; that our players wouldn't just be a random player to keep our numbers up. Doesn't work that way with us and that's not what our FC is all about. =]

    Thank you for signing up, by the way! Try to get a feel for this community, see how you like it. :) If you have any questions, let me know or contact one of the staff. They'll be happy to assist you. See you in the game sometime then!
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