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  • I have been back logged at work bud. I do not have the script handy, and apologized for volunteering myself originally. The code you are asking for is a bit harder to code around due to the amount of time it will take to configure the settings for each GUI field. The general calculator I would have to know the specifics for each and every item. That's why I was a bit unsure of which venue you wanted at first.

    The first screen shot was a list of fields, but if you need a calculator for adding each field, that will a little daunting for me to maintain. My profession is a quality assurance engineer, so coding is what I do all day.. so looking at code again is a little cumbersome. Sorry about that.

    - Shu
    Well in order to do it I need the scope of it. What all do you want in the calculator? I'm still a bit confused when you say text app. I think you mean console app. As in a user inserts a value and then it does the calculation. Or do you want a randomizer?
    Alright, so basically a function for doing attack/defense calculations? Along with Magic defense and Magic attack - vs Health and Mana?
    Well I'm pretty decent at javascript, but I guess would need some type of implementation document. As far as creative wise, my brain has mostly been shot from creating user interfaces at work, and to come home and think about how to expand on an RPG would be quite the undertaking.

    I can most definitely give pointers and tips though, but most games and such if I recall are developed in C.

    My main skills are C# and, I just javascript these days as utility reasons. HTML/CSS I know quite a bit of as well but that's more for web based code.
    Haha, that's cool then! :lew: Hopefully Shu will be able to assist you with any questions you have. =]
    Hmm, not sure. :hmmm: Shu might be the one to talk to about this - the guy's practically a nerd. ;)
    Wait, is this RP-based and not actually a script? If so...please ignore my PM. :wacky: I completely misunderstood. Roleplaying ideas would be forwarded to Terrible Terry Tate, or you can create a thread in the RP section. (Sorry we keep bouncing you back and forth from each other, lol).
    Alright sure, won't hurt to take a look into it. Though I will say it's also up to the site owner himself and we'd have to speak to the tech admins and see what they think as well. :)
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