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    I cant get no sleep

    i'm getting /too much/ sleep lately and all i want to do is sleep. i hate it. i can't exactly do much if i'm tired all the time and coffee isn't helping.
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    Oh snap ): So how's life been?

    Oh snap ): So how's life been?
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    What inspired your current username?

    typing too fast and misspelling what i was after ; n;/ although i think it's kind of amusing.
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    Wow hey dude! It only took me five years and one month to respond to your usernote lmao lmao

    Wow hey dude! It only took me five years and one month to respond to your usernote lmao lmao
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    Rift (RP)

    After Saga and Aya made it back to the concert hall, Shinya was all Para Para'd out and eager to rock out, so the concert began, with the whole hall shrieking for more Aya and Saga. The concert was going great until the third t last song... "Weak with white which I can't get used to Just a sigh...
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    Rift (RP)

    [note: Aya is supposed to be like that :] ] Aya fearlessly wandered the streets, desperately looking for his lost band mate. A few kilometers later, he saw a tall boy with chunky black and red hair in a fight with three very large men. "Saga!" Aya called fearfully. The boy looked in his...
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    Rift (RP)

    [eee I totally didn't notice that you put this up DX] Aya put his bright pink hair in the usual ponytail and tacked differently shaped, brightly colored hairclips on his bangs. "How do I look, Shinya?" he asked, turning to his bandmate who was attacking his bleach blond hair with hairspray...
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    The Fritzl Case

    A dark pit is too good for trash like that. He deserves to be shot immediately.
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    Playstation Grand Theft Auto IV

    I saw commercials for it and now I want.
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    Rift (Sign-ups)

    Yay! I'm itching to try out this new rpc :D
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    Rift (Sign-ups)

    Name: Aya Fudayoshi Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Very sweet and charming, with a bit of a temper. He is very timid at first, but is really talkative once he knows someone a little better. He has a sense of bravery and justice. Nationality: Japanese Appearance: [I'll track down a picture...
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    What was your Final Battle party?

    Tidus, Yuna and I think either Wakka or Rikku
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    Spin-offs lack Chocobos! >=[

    Well that's made of fail D<
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    Disney high school musical

    That, and Hannah Montana happen to be amazingly popular with the kids at my school. I'm suprised no one's punched one of the fanboys and said "BITCH YOU'RE ALMOST 18! GROW UP!" Maybe I should do that 8Dv
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    Vaan bashing

    I had an lolfit. My favorite part was when Vaan asked Balthier if he and Fran were dating or not. XDDD I hate Vaan too. That's why he's my main tanker.