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  • Glad to see you keeping up with that Steam thread. Props, man.

    Also, you should see about joining the FFF usergroup on Steam ;)
    Not 100% sure about this Aqua Uitta ability you're using. Basically I don't know what the impact would feel like should a blow be landed. Would the impact be akin to being punched/kicked?
    Just letting you know I haven't forgotten our RPB. Gonna need a couple more days before I make another post though. Might be able to get one in tomorrow, but that depends on when I get back home. :hmmm:

    Also, I must say that I doubt your participating in the tourney would be a waste of anyone's time. From what I've seen so far I doubt you will be any worse off than I am. :lew:
    Lol you're welcome! ^_^ I'd never have guessed you were a rookie. You actually do RPB posts really well. I think you'd go pretty far in the upcoming RPB. :P
    I haven't played that one yet, so that sounds like a good idea as I've heard many great things about it. I've added you to my friends list anyway!
    Haha, no problem. We'll have to play something at some point. Eight years means nothing if few people on your friends list seldom play multiplayer.
    Dont be too hasty Karu! Have fun and choose your element! Be sure to browse as to who has elements taken okay?
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