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  • Holiday jobs suck in general lol. But we have to do it for the money... i just need a money tree and my life would be perfect :P. After the punching business i would always save my games on two cards... just in case xxx
    OMG i know the feeling.... my sister deleted my spyro the dragon save once and i punched her dead in the face lol. I start my job a week today so i have to enjoy my freedom while i still have it lol. Last week a got a bit upset cause i guy who flirted with me just turned round and rejected me :( but im happy once again xxx
    Yes deffinatly sometimes it can be really bad. So basically i spent a day just drawing the basic spells and now i refine everything. I get Curagas from tents, demi from black holes, and water from fish fins. Which keepin me goin stat wise for the time bein. Squall was 3000 HP and Hits 800 Damage on attack. And i've only just got Rinoa in the team. Am well proud :D xxx
    Hey James :) how you doin? I just re-bought 8 for my ps3. i'll never take MP forgranted again lol. i forgot how that game runs its magic..... * starts drawing :s xx
    Ahhhhh i see cool stuff. I'm only on disk 3 still. In all my playthroughs disk 4 is where i spend the least time lol. I just don't like it with all that mist everywhere. I guess i go through onces more to beat hades and get the cards. Why not hey. :) xx thanx
    I've just started playing that card game in IX. I've been using my Ozma card and grand dragons to beat the four armed man and do the tournaments. Its an okay game better than 8's i think. I wanna get all the summon cards but so far i only have alexanders... any clues? thanks babe xxx
    I know what you mean. I had pokemon red too :P i played 10 first then 10-2, 12, 13 and then did 7, 8 and finally 9. so i sorta went backwards. But am glad i did 9 last cause its left a good impression. :) Am Natalie btw thought its rude to not introduce myself. xxx
    :) i guess we always have to say zidane lol. he's awesome in trance! My team is garnet, vivi and eiko. somtimes i use freya too. Ark ftw! lol what i like about 9 is that no ones really heard of it. well i hadn't :P. it was always 7,8,10 etc. 9 is an undiscovered jem. xx
    I knoooooow i was pulling my hair out! seriously i died like 10 times lol. i got really lucky tho. Whos your favorate character? you got a team you always use? xxx
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