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  • Hey there :lew: ...I'm sending out reminders to those who haven't gotten their Secret Santa gifts in yet. If you can...please get your gift in to Mitsuki by the deadline. Thanks.
    Hey there, don't forget to make another turn for White Elephant. :) Someone stole your prison card, so you're off the hook. :)
    I'm trying to convince one of the staff to steal your gift from you. I'm sorry that you had to get that. =/ Remember...#13 is bad luck! :wacky:
    Awe that's good to hear! I've found more time to come here again which is good. My hectic life is starting to mellow down again like it used to be. =D
    I have been good thanks! How are you? You haven't been around as much lately. Your graphics are still wicked! I voted for your SOTW entry last week. =D
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