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    In your opinion, is pornography a bad thing

    I do not believe that pornography is bad, but it can be used in unhealthy ways, such as addiction. Then again, addiction can occur with alot of other things too whether or not they are bad or good. Like it was said above, if it is sex between consensual adults then there is no problem. If it's...
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    Need Help Defeating Jecht

    I have finally made it to the final boss of the game, and it is one the toughest fights I've ever had in any FF game. I've been at it for three hours now but everything I've tried is futile. He either keeps killing me instantly when I'm paralyzed or his sword keeps murdering me nonstop. I...
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    Could Dissidia be EVO worthy?

    I post this for I have a big love of fighting games and I follow it all the time like watching tournaments on streams. One of the biggest tournaments for fighting games every year is EVO. If you don't know what EVO is, the best thing a can compare it to is it's what the Super Bowl is to American...
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    Where to get this game?

    I am so thankful I read this thread! Just like ShadyLegend, I assumed my PS3 couldn't play PS1 games! Hell yeah!!! This makes me so happy!
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    FF VI main party?

    My end game party was Terra Sabin Edgar Celes
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    What an Awesome Community!

    Haha, thank you everyone! Let me respond to some of you guys. lol Final Fantasy Tactics is definitely on my to-do list. Right now, I'm busy finishing up FFX HD. Tactics is going to be tough for me because of it's play style but I think I'll get used to it. Sabin is indeed THE BOMB! By far my...
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    Hello there!

    Thanks for joining! I also joined recently so you and I have something in common :)
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    FF15 Love The Way You Lie

    That was pretty cool! I love the choice of song. ^_^ BTW, I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but the song sounded very muffled.
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    FFI: Love it or Hate it?

    Well I truly feel like there should have been a "Like it" option because that's what I would have chosen. I do not hate this game, far from it. But I'm not in love with it either. I could pick like five other FF's that I enjoyed more. FFI isn't going to be on my favorite games of the series...
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    Final Fantasy 8 Voiceover Project (auditions open)

    I will definitely be considering this. I have worked in local theatre before so this could be a learning experience for me. :)
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    What an Awesome Community!

    Wow, I cannot believe I haven't done this sooner! Hello everyone, my name is Jake. ^_^ I've been a fan of Final Fantasy for a while now. My first introduction was actually through Kingdom Hearts! Yep, I never knew FF existed and I bought the game due to the interest in Disney (another passion I...