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    ~Hyst Sig Shop~

    hi guys im closing up shop, cause i dont have the time to visit here much, as you can see :( but i did finish the last few jobs for you guys, enjoy :) i may re open shop when im not so busy.
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    ~Hyst Sig Shop~

    ill get on that tomorrow little tired atm soz -.-
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    SOTW 08 voting thread

    1 for me, ach i forgot to enter -.- will do next week hopefully been kinda busy.
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    Leaving thread

    good luck, have fun altho i dont know you lol....dont forget to feed that cookie monster of urs.
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    ~Hyst's Creations~

    newest. :S came out way redder than i thought all wells, hellsing is known for its redness. soz for double, but a new wallpaper :)
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    New Sig

    of course its for any one to post right XD
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    New Sig

    heres prob my newest. with 2 diff effects to it.
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    Eidolon's Sig Shop

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    Eidolon's Sig Shop

    hey bro :) you requested from me so i thought i might do the same :D Size: 400 x 120 Main Text: Turbo Shek (or just Turbo) Sub Text: Nunchakus Color Scheme: whatever goes. preferrably a darker theme but wateva looks nicest. Picture/Render/Stock...
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    neither lolz and thnx guys :)
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    SOTW Discussion & Results

    Lol thnx knew it would be somewhere...xD
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    New Sig

    colored one is better imo, its a very nice sig, i love the text :)
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    FFVII Character Elimination

    Vincent must live! +60 heal Cloud 600 Red XIII/Nanaki 390 Vincent 570 Lifestream Heidegger Aeris Cait Sith Elena Barret Tifa Loz Hojo Cid Kadaj Jessie Zack Dr. Gast Lucrecia JENOVA Rufus Tseng Rude Reeve Yazoo Reno Yuffie Bugenhagen Sephiroth
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    Best "oldie" Band/Singer

    ACDC are definitally the best in my eyes :)