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    Final Fantasy VIII Rerelease

    I've recently downloaded it to my vita, honestly forgot what an awesome game it was!
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    Article: *SPOILERS* FFX|X-2 Remaster voice drama leaks out! FFX-3 becoming increasingly likely

    I didn't realise that they were going to make a x-3. Like most have you have said (if not pretty much everyone). Not sure how I feel about this. Though I love the first games and have a bit of a craving to find out what happens next, I'm always disappointed when they bring out the sequal because...
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    Aerith or Aeris

    I call her aeris. I dont like the name aerith as much as the name aeris. I call her that because that was the way her name was when she first appeared, i never knew why it changed.
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    A world without final fantasy?

    If there was no final fantasy I would...I'm not sure, but i don't think i would be the same. lol sounds silly, but the games have infulenced me a bit. I dont think i would play anywhere near as much games, and if i did im sure they would be old stuff like banjo kazooie haha!
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    Final Fantasy Wrong Answer

    It's actually him farting Why is squall always so withdrawn from everyone and quiet?
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    YouTube Dead Fantasy

    I hadnt heard of dead fantasy til today, and i watched them and lapped it up! loved them. I can't wait til the next one comes out. I was suprised to see cloud save yuna rather than tifa..but from the last one looks like he's heading her way anyway. Kairi did look slightly out of place there. but...
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    What did you Think of Last Order?

    Thankyou for the link! i really liked it! i think there was one thing that didnt make sence with like crisis core but then again it could just be me misreading it.! i do see what you mean about it being from the turks point of view, its like sort of how tseng felt about it i thought :) i cant...
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    Stocking Magic

    i never really liked the drawing and stocking magic, it anoyed me. i havent minded the other battle systems in the any of the other games, thats the only one i didnt really like.
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    What did you Think of Last Order?

    Ive never heard of the last order? is it worth watching? and where can i get it/watch it?
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    KH3 on PS3?!

    I cant wait for this game to come out. It's been so long! i think they might end up bringing it out on the xbox aswel surely? as they are with final fantasy XIII and square enix are teamed up with the KH team, so maybe?
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    [V2] Which FF Game are you currently playing?

    i just started VI, ive never played it before and i've had it for ages so i thought i would give it a go, plus people have said its a good game :)
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    Worst Final Fantasy Game?

    I would say X-2 was my least fave one. They well and truely changed yuna and rikku slightly. but more yuna, she went from caring to careless. I just dont think it was as great as some of the other games theyve done.
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    How many times?

    I've had to re-purchase most of them a fair few times. Not so much anymore but when i was younger i was a bit careless with the disks or my brother got hold of them (grrr!) and then decided that ages later i wanted to play them and i couldnt because one of us had managed to scratch it. and 12..i...
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    Worst character

    I didnt particually hate any characters, in the games everyone kind of compliments each other i think.. I'd have to say the one i dislike the most would be tidus, his voice anoyed me quite alot and he just seemed to want to wine alot. I know Seymour wasnt a playable charactor and that he was the...
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    How did you hear about us?

    I was looking up something to do with crisis core and stumbled across it :) looks really great though, back reading comments and things so i dont bump posts or write something someones written recently haha :)