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  • lol Well I'll talk to you tomorrow awesome Cait the Dark Knight o.o~ congrats again on your promotion and hope everythings ok with your grandmother ^_^
    I don't know what the hell happened between us in a matter of one post, but let's just stay away from each other.

    I'm not up for being bullied by anyone right now. :pooley:
    I see that you mentioned you still talk to Shen. I still think of her and wondered how she's doing. Tell her I said hello when you get a chance. :)
    Well about a week or two ago my grandmother past, I was gonna tell you a bit sooner but eh figured you didn't need it on your head, after that I had a foot surgery x.x; damn annoying part was I had my surgery done, then the day after my grandmother died, I was lucky to even go to the funeral D: I wasn't supposed to wear shoes, I didn't have any kind of pain pills, and it was hard to walk xD;
    Ahh understandable then :3, I'll fill you in on the stuff thats happened recently if you haven't seen it in the Graphic Clan stuff already lol
    Hey Cait Hows things been, I haven't been able to talk to you much since I haven't seen you I suppose since your busy with everything atm.
    lol sorry if I pestered you on MSN just now, just wanted to tell you my grandma is a little better now, and say thanks for praying for her and all, means alot to me.

    Hope everythings going well on your end Cait and hope to talk to you soon.
    I don't think there's many other people here that agree with me, besides you. :hmmm: but whatever, I don't really care for a big following. It's my opinion, I speak it because it's my right, not so I can gain more applause. although... glad to know someone else agrees. ^__^

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows people that hunt... i was beginning to feel a bit weird about it :lew: It's a person's right to hunt their own food and avoid the dangerous products that the government is pumping our food with. i know it makes me want to hunt/grow my own food. maybe everyone else wants to chow-down on chemical-stuffed meat that can give you cancers/health issues, but not me :damon:

    inanimate objects should be banned at once! everyone knows they are responsible for what people use them for! next we shall ban phones, cigarettes, alcohol, cars, hammers, baseball bats, tire-irons, wrenches, knives, pots, glass, boots, rocks, and so much more!

    also, i doubt anyone knows what that assault weapons VS hunting rifle means. :wacky:
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