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  • hehe ^^

    I'm going to bed. When I check my VMs, I hope it'll be bearing great news ^^ Thanks for the feedback, Cloudy. Hey, if it does become an idea for Mits to go on and I finish the internal things; I'll let you know!

    Thanks alot ^^
    Been working on this for 4 months straight XD

    I'm about to ask about it to Terry
    HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER MAGES HUGES'S NAME? BLASHPHAMEY!! It's okay, I don't mind at all, I think it's cool that you at least tried. ^^ Poor little Nina :(
    I hope you learn lots! ^^ Yes FMA Brotherhood was so amazing and it made me cry several times. >:
    Gracias por la bienvenida~! ^^ y Espanol es mi lengua nativa (Japonés tambien ^^ ;)
    An extensively large scale Final Fantasy RPG. Text-based, based on the games, but it's pretty different and new.

    Alot of opportunities and the like. Here, lemme send you the Beginnings and Battle System.
    Hey Cloudy, do you like RPGs? Like, forum ones? I have an idea for one I want to pitch to the admins.
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