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    The Most Powerful Force in The FFVII Universe

    yep im totally agree with you
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    who fights better?

    well if you were able to choose cloud or sephiroth you become unstopable
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    who fights better?

    yah thats true thats what i like Riku he is an awsome fighter
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    Best fighter.

    well for me its cloud because he can deal 9999 damage and he has a giant blade and i like all the fighters with swords, and my second its vincent he with his weapon i like it and he is fast.
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    who fights better?

    yah of course its riku but if people like sora im agree because sora has a lot of sleights
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    custom user titles

    no problem we have to study before it gets bad
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    custom user titles

    yah i cant change it
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    Cloud its here

    sure man thanks
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    who fights better?

    for me its Riku
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    Given your CP, what deck did you use?

    mine was at 3650 CP and i used a lot of sleigh combos and a lot of cloud cards i think that was 25 cloud cards
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    Fighting Riku for the fourth time ...

    i like riku the last time you fight him he uses an amazing sleight i mean Dark Aura
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    Location Location Location...

    well so its not true o man if you were able to fight him
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    KH Spinoffs Which member of Organization XIII is youf favourite?

    i like marluxia his giant sleight of death scyte is a dead attack and its hard to dodge his petal shower
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    Advent Children Cloud and Zack

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    Advent Children Favorite Vilain

    of course when sephiroth returns, sephiroth is the best villian