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    Advent Children The Best/Funniest Line In Advent Children?

    The best one by far ahah. I laughed hard when i heard this! :awesome:
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    Zorn and Thorn?

    Their theme is one my favourite musics in the game, and i did like the comic relief they provided time to time. Not essencial characters in the game but, on the other hand, without them the game would'nt have any clowns....hmmm...right...:thehell:
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    Is it just me or is FF9 combat sloooow?

    Very slow when compared to FFVII or FFVIII. Hard to get used to in the beginning i complained a lot, but when you get into to the game you don't even notice, although i still complain when changing games xP.
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    FH Music

    Definitely not the kind of response you would expect. The music is used to transmit the ideality and lifestyle of that town, being a anti-violence, anti-war etc etc. It's a calm vibe with some nice details to it, a definite plus in FFVIII's OST imo, it perfectly fits in the game.
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    Stocking Magic

    Personally i think that the draw & junction systems were the one of the high points of the game. Combining both you could have a very large number of setups for your chararacters, while at the same time you had a lot of un imo. Sometimes it could get frustrating to get "that spell, that number...
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    Chris Cornell

    Awesome news! I love Soundgarden, one of the best Grunge bands i've heard. Glad they're finally back about damn time IMO, Chris's solo carreer was being an utter failure :|. Great way to start off 2010!
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    FFX Favourites & Worsts List

    Favourite Character: Tidus Favourite Male Character: Auron Favourite Female Character: Rikku Favourite Boss: Omega Favourite Villain: Seymour Favourite Race: Al'bhed Favourite Temple: Djose Favourite Area: Thunder Plains Favourite Place: Calm Lands Arena (lol xP) Favourite Song/Music: At...
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    Do you guys know what Folding is, and what benefits it brings? If so, how often do you do it, and what do you use? For those who have no idea what Folding is, check the website (down atm, they're doing stats update) I searched the forum and couldn't find a thread for...
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    How did you hear about us?

    I googled Final Fantasy Forum to search for some..this was the first one i tried and i'm glad i did it :busta:
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    Another newbie

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! FFVII & VIII are quite good indeed :busta:
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    FF7 Best and worst weapons..

    Favorite Weapon - Mop, i's a mop, a mop is a mop, and to kill monsters with a get the idea. Ok i'm kidding the Mop is funny as hell but my favorite weapon might be the Ragnarok in terms of looks. Worst Weapon - Oristuru, again in terms of looks. In terms of usefullness i...
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    Use an Ability/Item/Spell on the Next Poster

    :o. I cast Morph to the next poster :P, hope it turns out to be a good item or something LOL.
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    Rate The Sig And Avatar Above You V2

    Avatar - Nice colors, lighting, and lettering 10/10 awesome stuff. Sig - 9/10 and only because the lettering is a bit off, other than that it's awesome. The depth, and colors were the two elements that you nailed perfectly.
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    Use an Ability/Item/Spell on the Next Poster

    Nice one. I use Frog on the next poster.
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    Aeons, which do you use the most?

    Anima. His overdrive is a hell of a show and does a lot of damage. I also used bahamut a fair amount of times he's a good aeon to use before you get Anima or the Sisters.