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  • Hi there, do you have some time to speak about Survivor?

    Do you fancy joining? I'm messaging personally to see who'd be up for it!

    Thanks. :monster:
    It's been ages since I've been on! Good to hear from ya. Lemme think. I THINK it may have been VoN. Which would just be my first name. Not very creative. I'm disappointed in myself. :(
    Kellz. :hug:

    I've been doing stuff, I suppose. How are you? :monster:

    I have abandoned Facebook. Vapid cunts clogging up my feed with their dinners and their kids. No, ta. :wacky:

    Awh thats nice! I hope you guys have a wonderful wedding! Wish i could be there HAHA!
    nah im sticking around to check in every once and awhile, and ya we didnt really work out well and it was just shitty i was living with her. kinda just left after i broke things off. im moving back into town with my buddy come september so im pretty happy! how are things with you guys?
    haha, just working right now, broke up with the girlfriend, living at home until september. then back to school!
    haha indeed, started playing le ol' final fantasy VII thought id check out the forums :) what have you been up too my dear?
    =O Someone's managed to domesticate you? Does the poor fellow know what he's getting himself into? Haha. <3
    DARYL DIXON! :ohoho: It's funny, 'cause I was about to make a DD set for myself. :ohoho: Lets make this contagious.
    I apologize for posting! I just saw your profile while looking at gardening and the bane pic just killed me! lolol! :D
    Was looking through my deviant art. Kinda getting back to being active on it now. Anyways i found this. Remember? :lew:

    Ooooh i dunno il have to ask Jim cuz he bought them. And same :lew: I was a steamboat on boxing day and rough as anything the day after haha :lew: Also remember the anti hangover tablets discussion. They actually have made something that prevents hangovers :lew: Stock up for april.
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