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    General FF Discussion Thread

    Ha. Thanks I guess. Though this thread is old. So idk how likely it is anyone will even see it.
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    General FF Discussion Thread

    Let's talk about Final Fantasy! I just want a general discussion about any of the Final Fantasy. Talk about what you want! One post will lead into another and etc. This thread will NOT include FF13 in any way as to it's not a true final fantasy. No I am not a hater, and I actually think it was...
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    Would you stop playing if you disliked a character?

    Honestly I did stop. I was going to start playing FF7 to see what all the hype was, and I couldn't get into it. After only an hours worth I just got so fed up with Clouds antics, I didn't care to continue. This probably isn't helped to the fact that I played and loved the prequel Crisis Core so...
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    Favourite Area in FFXII

    I personally LOVE guruvagan. Just wish it was more beauty on the outside as well :/ More of a location, less of a long hallway......
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    Hello Everyone! (FFXII) NOT IZJS.

    Thanks lol. And what games would you have in mind? :P Also good luck to your uni work, hope it's doing well.
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    Hello Everyone! (FFXII) NOT IZJS.

    Yay a real response (: xD Thanks (: Uni?
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    Hello Everyone! (FFXII) NOT IZJS.

    How is everyone? I'm new here, and am looking towards becoming an active member of the community! I'm looking for someone to do a follow playthrough of my favorite game in the series, Final Fantasy XII. I want us to play the game, from the start, and compare stats, hunts, ETC. When and how you...
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    Hello everyone! (FFXII)

    What did you think about FFXII and the potential for a Remaster?