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  • *sighs* :sad3: The deadness of the forums is making me sad. It's only a few days after E3, you'd think things would be even more active.
    Hey, thanks so much for offering up those Chicobo and Chubby Chocobo cards! I will treasure them dearly.
    You know, I almost didn't recognize you until I realized it was wolfy. :awesome

    btw, Lord Grim/Sexy Beast here. :3
    I did exactly the same. I was a junior moderator for a KOEI fansite and Super/Global Moderator for the official european one but I just left without a word, I felt a bit bad but oh well. lol

    I hate fighting Amaterasu in Marvel vs Capcom3, she's annoying and hard to hit. xD

    Oh no worries, I'm not really bothered about it. I also came by to say hi to you, Kei and one or two others. Though I can tell some quit a longtime ago too.

    The old times with RPG Inferno were pretty cool, it's the thing I miss most here.

    Sure, i'll add you on msn i'm usually there.
    Yeah a lot has happened, I went to play some MMO's and completely shut off from forums I used to go. Lol it's okay, It wasn't really the greatest. Did you ever make it to RPG Director?

    Well I don't plan to come back or anything, even though I might randomly check here.
    Was looking for someone here, I guess she doesn't log here anymore, Oh well. How's everything with you?
    All the time! She just seems to... forget about it I assume.
    Oh and I wrote up that bio thingy anyway.. Even signed up for it to be critiqued XD
    Whenever my mom decides to take a simple 5 minutes and call our phone company.
    Trust me when I say, you're not the only bud that wants me back on IM. O.O
    Oh and I'm working on a character Bio for Vitrenie. Are the templates ABSOLUTELY necessary? Because I have a fairly worded bio on my PC for him anyway. And I'm just wondering if I should spend the time and work on those templates.
    Well for one another buddy of mine signed up here. His username is Heartless_95.
    He didnt wanna do our own RP over IM so I suggested here. I havent heard from him since he signed up though...
    Anyway, I'll figure something out (RP wise) but until then I'm just gonna lurk around here and pop up wherever I feel the need to pop up.
    You haven't been in the SB very much lately. xD You should poke in cuz it's boring.
    Hey, could you combine my last post in The Nine Worlds [SU/D] with my original post for the profile "The Lord" please, oh and make sure it's in the history column! Plz and ty.
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