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Information FFF Magazine 'Timber Maniacs' Issue #1 now live
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The staff of Final Fantasy Forums are pleased to at last announce that Issue 1 of our very own magazine, 'Timber Maniacs', is finally live and ready to be accessed.

Final Fantasy fans are accustomed to waiting. At this very moment, you are likely all waiting for the elusive Final Fantasy VII Remake. Patiently waiting is part and parcel of our very existence. We live for the announcements, we live through the long waits and the many delays but typically the goods are finally delivered. In many respects, we are like a miniature Square-Enix. We announce an ambitious new project and after a protracted period of time we are pleased to present to you the final product, albeit with far fewer DLCs and...
FFXV's new DLC chapters, 'Dawn of the Future' announced, roadmap for 2018-9 revealed
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The Final Fantasy XV train chugs on unabated. At PAX East, Square Enix have laid out a roadmap, detailing what the four new DLC chapters for the game will entail, along with rough window estimates for when we can expect to see their release. In addition, future content updates will include the ability to transpose your created character in Comrades over to the base game to replace Noctis as the on-screen main protagonist.

Character creator for the single player game​

If ever you feel you created the perfect human specimen possible on Comrades' character creator function, but wish you can just replace Noctis in the base game with your own paragon of pixel perfection, you're in luck! In a future update, players will indeed be able to boot Noctis out of the base game and replace him with the avatar of your dreams. For some inexplicable purpose, players will also be able to see other players' custom avatars as phantoms in the...
Kingdom Hearts 3 Is On the Official PlayStation Magazine Cover This Month
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Kingdom Hearts III is the cover story in this month’s issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (April Issue, 147) but other than giving out a few new details about the game and its development process, what it mostly does is confirm the same details for the game that were revealed during the Tokyo D23 expo last month.

The story gives some short blurbs on some of the Disney worlds we’ll be seeing in the game, including Big Hero 6 and Hercules,but goes into greater detail about a few others, such as Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and Tangled. Game director Tetsuya Nomura discusses how Rapunzel’s hair works in traversal and combat and in terms of physics, while also talking about the Keyblade Transformations and Mirage Staff transformation of the Tangled world.

There’s also some details on the Toy Story world, with the story talking about things such as the boss...
FFXV to receive 4 more DLC episodes, starting with Episode Ardyn; support will last to 2019
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The momentum for FFXV continues. Since its release in November 2016 the game has seen three DLC episodes and even an entire paid multiplayer expansion DLC. Now Square Enix are poised to continue support for the game with a fresh slate of DLC episodes in the pipeline and a second season pass. Originally three additional DLC episodes were in the cards, though it would now seem there will be a total of four, with Episode Ardyn due to kick things off.


Like with Episodes Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis, these additional DLC episodes will release periodically and spread out presumably over the course of this year, with the final episode due in 2019. We already know of Episode Ardyn, as the team made little secret of it and virtually announced it recently. The team stresses that they decided to forego rushing its release in favour of taking their time, so at the moment we have no word on when exactly the first of this new slate of DLC episodes will be available...
FFXV Royal Edition announced for PS4 and Xbox One; SE further details Windows Edition
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If you held off on purchasing Final Fantasy XV in the event that a "complete" edition would eventually emerge, your patience will soon be rewarded. Square Enix have announced Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, an update over the base game with over 20 add-ons and DLC. Interestingly, both the Royal Edition and Windows Edition will feature an expanded map of Insomnia with new enemies and sidequests, and even a first-person camera mode.

What you can expect to see from these two new versions of the game:

  • Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins: All-new sidequests and enemies such as Cerberus and Omega will be available through the expanded map of the Crown City. Players will also take on the Rulers of Yore.
  • A fully controllable Royal Vessel Boat: Players will be free to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissia, as well as fish aboard the vessel and discover new recipes and fish.
  • A new accessory that can activate...
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