• Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnis to launch globally this month: turn-based RPG for smartphones

    Are you still not satisfied with your Dissidia Final Fantasy fix? Is Dissidia NT not cutting it out for you? Do you desire a Dissidia that is more RPG than a messy 3D brawler? Are you not already busy with other mobile games at this very moment? Then Square Enix have you covered, because Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnis will finally spread its wings outside of Japan after over a year.

    If you are already familiar with free-to-play mobile games, you roughly know what to expect. It will be free to download and play, with ample microtransactions for premium currencies and other goodies. No doubt there will be a gacha system where you can test your luck, use up your finite premium currency and pray you end up with the random equipment you want for your team of misfits.

    Once again, the forces of good and evil represented by a collection of Final Fantasy characters from past and present will duke it out to the death - but politely this time though, because this game features a more traditional turn-based battle system. Mechanics from the Dissidia brawlers will make it in, namely the Bravery and Wall Rush systems.

    Square are not explicitly stating when the game will launch, choosing instead to tentatively tout this month as its launch window. However you can pre-register right now on the iOS App Store or on Google Play. Pre-registering for new mobile releases generally grants you a batch of premium currency from the outset.

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