• Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age coming to PC on Steam; out 1 February

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, formerly a PS4 exclusive since its release in July 2017, is coming to PC via Steam on the 1st of February. Along with the earlier confirmation of a FFXV Windows Edition, FFXII's journey to Steam will mean every mainline Final Fantasy game and direct sequel since FFIII will soon be available in your Steam library.

    This remastered port will differ from the PS4 version with the inclusion of the following features:

    • 60FPS Ivalice will look better than ever with the game running at 60FPS
    • Compatible with 21:9 ultra-wide monitors Up to three HD monitors can be used for a potential 48 (163):9 experience
    • New Game Plus and New Game Minus Post-game content modes are now accessible from the beginning of the game
    • Three background music options The original, re-orchestrated and soundtrack versions are now available from the beginning of the game
    • Maximized License Points and Gil New functionality added to grant players max License Points and Gil from the configuration screen
    • Full controller support, Steam Trading Cards and more to optimize the PC player experience

    Link to the Steam page.

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    1. AuronX's Avatar
      AuronX -
      Gah, got me again, Square Enix. I had a feeling this game would be coming to PC but I bought it on PS4 anyhow because I didn't anticipate the PC version offering any real advantage. 60 FPS makes this a must buy for me--totally didn't see that one coming after so many other FF games are permanently locked at 30.
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