• "Left Alive" announced for PS4 and Steam: survival action shooter by Armored Core producer and Metal Gear Solid character designer

    In typical style for Square Enix, the publisher showed up at Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2017 press conference to announce a new IP and a teaser trailer without disclosing much else in terms of concrete details. This new IP, known as "Left Alive", is described in a press release as a survival action shooter for PS4 and Steam, with some notable industry heads involved in the project.

    So who is involved in this project?

    • Shinji Hashimoto - you may know him as the executive producer for the Final Fantasy series overall, and the gentleman who elected to troll the world in Christmas of 2014 by announcing a PS4 Final Fantasy VII port.

    • Toshifumi Nabeshima - fans of the Armored Core series may recognise this name. Nabeshima after all is known as the producer of the games during his tenure with FROM Software.

    • Yoji Shinkawa - one glance at the key art above should have ignited your Metal Gear Solid spider sense. That's because Shinkawa, renowned for his distinctive signature art style and his work for Hideo Kojima's game series, is in charge of the art for this new game.

    At the moment Square Enix are playing their cards close to their chest, but further details are promised for an upcoming Famitsu magazine issue, so stay tuned. As of now, we can probably expect some mechs.

    The teaser trailer accompanying the announcement genuinely gives off a Front Mission vibe, which begs the question of whether this new IP can be seen as a spiritual successor.

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    1. Dionysos's Avatar
      Dionysos -

      The trailer starts off as a sinister blend of The Shining and Die Hard and ends up as a post-Judgement Day Terminator scenario...

      I've never played (and I'm really not familiar with) Armoured Core and the franchises it is actually compared with (besides Metal Gear, of course).
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