• Upgraded your PC yet? Final Fantasy XV is coming to Windows

    Final Fantasy XV was almost certainly going to be available on Windows PC eventually. A recent Nvidia demo from earlier this year showcasing the game run using the power of a GTX 1080 Ti GPU all but confirmed an inevitable PC version of the game around the corner. That confirmation came today at Gamescom 2017, with the announcement that Windows PC players will be able to reclaim Noctis's throne in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition come early 2018.

    As noted by Siliconera:
    In addition to a new first-person camera mode, the “ultimate quality” port features 4K high-res textures, Dolby Atmos, realistic grass simulation, advanced hair simulation, combustible fluid, fire and smoke simulation, advanced shadow algorithms, high quality ambient occlusion, Ansel screenshots, and more.

    Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will release in early 2018 and will feature all DLCs made available for the game.
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