• Birthweek 2017 - Introduction

    2017 is a good year to be a Final Fantasy fan. Not only is it the 30th anniversary of the franchise, but the first ever KupoCon events occurred in Newark and London to great acclaim (knocking fans into a never-ending daydream, rivalling the powerful projections of Yevon’s Fayth as they desperately desire to relive the experience).

    2017 will also bring Final Fantasy Forums’ 11th anniversary on June 6th.

    Starting from now, it is time for us all to celebrate with some fun competitions and activities. As is traditional we shall call this momentous occasion ‘Birthweek’ (although the whole celebrations will last longer than a week!).

    As with previous years, a variety of events shall ensure that there shall be something for everybody who wants to be involved. You do not need any special talents in order to enjoy most of Birthweek!

    What events can you expect?

    If you enjoyed killing Andre the Adamantoise last year then a new monster, Azzy the Ahriman, is a glammed-up floating eye with an attitude which invites punishment. There is also a Moogle Murder Mystery game, where players can control a detective and try to solve the murder of a moogle in a museum lobby.

    If you have a camera ready and fancy channelling your inner-Prompto then there is a photography contest waiting for you.
    If your creative juices are flowing then the popular Site Banner GFX competition will be returning. If you prefer your juices on your dinner plate, why not cook up a meal or prepare a light snack, photograph it, and exclaim ‘I’ve Come Up With a New Recipe’ in our new food-themed event!

    For those who are active on FFXIV, there shall again be a screenshot contest.
    There shall also be two audio-related competitions this year. Guess the FF Soundtrack shall test what you know about the music of Final Fantasy, whereas Voices invites you to submit a voice clip and to guess the voices of other FFF members.

    There shall also be another crossword for you to test yourselves with…

    All that and more!

    A few are up already, but the remaining guidelines for these competitions shall be posted from today, May 29th, and all competitions should be completed by June 30th.

    To view all of our competitions visit the Birthweek 2017 subforum.


    The Birthweek Point (BWP) system has worked in previous years, so they’ll be returning for calculating the highest scorers on our leaderboards. BWP will be given out in addition to the usual rewards in Gil.

    BWP shall be distributed for each competition in this way:

    1st Place = 5 BWP
    2nd Place = 3 BWP
    3rd Place = 2 BWP

    For participating = 1 BWP.

    Gil should be seen as an extra reward for the benefit of the participant, but they do not affect the leaderboards. BWP shall be used for this instead. Since certain types of competitions have traditionally distributed more Gil than others, the reliance now on BWP instead should provide a fairer system and encourage participation in a wider range of activities.

    The member with the highest number of accumulated BWP shall be declared the overall winner of Birthweek 2017.

    Here are the prizes that the overall winners of the whole Birthweek competition can expect:
    1st: 300 Gil & 10 GP
    2nd: 200 Gil & 5 GP
    3rd: 100 Gil & 2 GP

    We'll be keeping a record of the winners for each competition and shall list them in tables in the Birthweek thread, so check back regularly!

    If all runs smoothly then the winner shall be announced in early July 2017.


    Thank you all for being here.

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    1. JigoKuu's Avatar
      JigoKuu -
      OMG I hope I can post here.

      My exams are almost over, so I think it's the time for me come back! I really love the programs of this Birthweek, I can't wait to enter everything I can!*3*

      After suffering for such a long time now thanks to school I really enjoy finally coming back! This Birthweek makes me want to be more active (and not just for a few days/weeks before I disappear for another half a year... ). It's like you summoned Phoenix who brough me back to life x,D

      So thank you for creating all of this! And Happy Birthday to the forum!!>3<
    1. Dionysos's Avatar
      Dionysos -
      Birthweek 2017 Results:

      After collating everything and checking the scores we can now finally announce the winners!

      Overall winner = @Mitsuki (with 34 BWP)
      2nd Place = @Galadín (with 28 BWP)
      3rd Place = @Soulcorruptor
      (with 22 BWP)

      See the leaderboards in the posts above for a detailed account of scores.

      Well done, Mits! And congrats to the two runner-ups too!

      1st: 300 Gil & 10 GP (and Birthweek Gold award)
      2nd: 200 Gil & 5 GP
      3rd: 100 Gil & 2 GP

      I appreciate your patience in waiting for these results. I am aware that Birthweek lasted for approximately three months this year!

      But it was a good one, right? People solved a murder, slayed another monster, completed a crossword, created life ( ), created banners, posted screenshots and photographs…. Some of you even cooked a meal!

      Reflecting on this, I must say thank you to everyone who participated. Birthweek 2017 has been quite an enjoyable one, and although we don’t always have the number of active members that we once used to have, we remain grateful to those of you who are here and help make FFF the special community which I believe it should continue to be.

      Any prizes which have not yet been distributed shall be done so shortly.

    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      Surprised I actually placed, kinda interesting
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