• Birthweek 2017 Announcement

    Birthweek (our annual Birthday celebrations) will begin this year on Monday
    May 29th 2017. It will be our 11th year as a community!

    Our competitions are currently being drafted and will begin to be posted from the above date. Expect a lot of both Final Fantasy and FFF memes and throwbacks this year!

    We've gone out of our way to try and make some unusual competitions this year, but the much-loved staples of Birthweek shall also return, of course.

    Feel free to join in with any events (as much or little as you like). As always, there shall be activities which require skill alongside fun and silly games, and you shall be rewarded for entering and winning / completing activities.

    Stay tuned for updates closer to the event (and on our Twitter).

    Please be excited.

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    1. Six's Avatar
      Six -
      Let's mosey! We got this, guys.
    1. daredevil's Avatar
      daredevil -
      Im thinkin of joining
    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      What do you got planned? I'm watching you.
    1. Dionysos's Avatar
      Dionysos -
      Quote Originally Posted by Soulcorruptor View Post
      What do you got planned? I'm watching you.

      I'd send a true teaser image but I don't want to give too much away, and I'm still working on the drafts and things might be subject to change.

      I guess this item from the upcoming 'Moogle Murder Mystery in a Museum' (working title) game is unlikely to change much:

      Attachment 4927

      I can confirm a crossword and a cooking challenge too. Much more!
    1. Ross's Avatar
      Ross -
      Can't wait!
    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      So you be imprisoning us in a museum with a murderer, why do I smell a Family Guy plot here?
    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      I look forward to it.
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