• KupoCon London: Pomingham Palace!

    KupoCon, London 2018: Pomingham Palace.

    If you regrettably missed Mind the Pom, KupoCon will return to London on 3rd February 2018! This time the event will be referred to as Pomingham Palace!

    The venue is set to be the same as Mind the Pom (the Royal National Hotel, Russel Square, London). Pomingham Palace will be the fourth KupoCon event, and the second ‘generation 2’ event (the first will be Pomtario in Canada on December 3rd).

    For information about Pomingham Palace see the website (here).

    You should also watch the announcement video here:

    As always, Final Fantasy Forums strongly encourages FFF members to attend KupoCon for the fan-experience of a lifetime. If you plan to attend any KupoCon event, let us know and we could organise a meet or enjoy the event as a group.

    The tickets for Pomingham Palace will go on sale on June 9th.
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